Our Fleet LIBERTYlines

Our research and development team is always looking for new technological solutions for the improvement of our projects, making them more effective, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

The feedback from our customers is the most important source of information for the development and implementation of our products. Continuous contact and collaboration with the industry operators and crews allow for a full evaluation of the results obtained.

The design of any new ship is followed throughout its cycle - from the basic design to the detailed one, from the prototyping to the final testing. Our fleet, which is subjected to strict preventive maintenance and periodic security controls, consists of 32 high-speed crafts between hydrofoils, catamarans and single-hulled vessels.

Our high-speed vessels are always at the cutting edge and offer high levels of safety and comfort.

Continuous investment in the modernity of the fleet allows us to always be the sector leader and to maintain the record for high-speed maritime passenger transport - with 100,000 departures and more than a million miles travelled.