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The island of Lampedusa, a jewel of the Mediterranean, offers the opportunity to have a different kind of Christmas. Christmas in a unique place, where a walk along the shores of the most famous beaches, the Conigli and Guitgia beaches, surrounded by crystal clear waters and the scent of the sea, become absolutely unforgettable moments. The silence and quietness that the island offers during this period are appreciated by many. And often, in December, there is also the sun, shining high in the sky. A unique atmosphere that, in some ways, will quash any nostalgia for the warmth and colours of summer.
Going to Lampedusa during the Christmas period can also be a good opportunity to try the traditional local dishes, which are made of strong flavours and are typically Mediterranean. Goat’s meat, aubergines, fish, olive oil and capers are the main ingredients that are often combined with African traditions.



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