the carnival of pantelleria

A Feast Three Months Long

The Carnival of Pantelleria is a big feast long around three months: from the first days of January, to the end of March all the population of Pantelleria is involved in celebrations, from children to the elderly.
This is a way to celebrate the Carnival that dates back nearly to a century ago, before of the two world wars which has shattered the socio-economic and political life of the Island.
Dancing is an essential component of celebrations : every club makes a room available to gather together all those who wants to test themselves towards dance once a week in several sessions, until the Shrove Tuesday, with the masks parade.
In the club masked people are allowed until 11 p.m.: everyone dress up with clothes found in grandmothers’ portmanteau, with bizarre dresses; the most important thing is to be unrecognisable.
Even tourists or foreigners working on the island can resist: the Carnival of Pantelleria is a tradition so strong and anchored which it is able to involve everyone.
At the end of manifestation it is rewarded the club to which belong the most beautiful masks.

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