the carnival of sciacca

Considered the oldest one of Sicily, about the Carnival of Sciacca, locality belonging to the Provence of Agrigento, it is already discussed since the far 1889.
The first one to talk about it was the Sicilian writer and anthropologist Giuseppe Pitrè, in his work “Library of Sicilian popular traditions”.
But the origins of the famous Carnival, date back to an older period, that is the Roman Age in which during the Saturnalia celebration (series of festivities dedicated to the God Saturn) were burnt, at the end of the feast, the king designed by the population.
First manifestations were reminded as a popular celebration, in which it was eaten sausages, cannoli, a lot of wine, where the population, dressed up in various ways, overflew along the street.
Successfully there were made to parade first decorated wagons (floats).
The traditional mask of the feast is “Peppe Nappa”, adopted as the Carnival symbol in the Fifties by the Senator Molinari.
Since then the typical mask of the Carnival of Sciacca is represented on an off-festival float and it opens annually the parade. Peppe Nappa symbolically becomes the mayor of the city during the days of the feast.
The final phase of celebration is the traditional stake of the impressive float.
Nowadays, with 200 thousand of visitors, the Carnival of Sciacca, is considered one of the most important and funny Carnival in Sicily (together with the Carnival of Acireale).
The parade is divided in two routes in the city centre of Sciacca, on Saturday (first route), on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (the second route) of the week before the Lent.
The 117° edition of the Carnival of Sciacca will take place the 18th , the 19th and from the 25th to the 28th of February 2017.
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