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the lim bay

It was the natural border between the towns of Poreč and Rovinj, and in fact its name means just that: border, frontier, and comes from the Latin "limes". It might look like a fjord, thanks to the very rich vegetation on its walls and the water that constantly gurgles and laps its way across it, but we know that it is not a fjord. It might look like a canyon, because the walls that line it can even reach 150 metres, creating this deep and shady area. But we know that it is not a canyon. The Lim Canal, with its Mediterranean scrub and forests, offers a truly rich and singular panorama, transporting its visitors into unique dimensions and atmospheres. For more than eleven kilometres it offers an enchanting landscape and microbiological features that make it the most suitable seabed for the cultivation of delicious oysters and other shellfish. If we want to be precise, the Lim Canal is a gorge, just a deep valley between two hills, where the sea has dug and eroded its way through. Beyond the stretch where the water enters, however, it continues for another 20 km into Istria and creates a panorama that is divided into two sides, due the nature of the vegetation: Spanish broom, holm-oak and mastic trees on the north shore that is kissed by the sun, and ash tree, cornel tree and sessile oak on the south shore which is more humid and shady.




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