the perfect season

The perfect season to enjoy the views across the island has arrived! Starting from Scalo Vecchio, the first thing you see is an intriguing rock in the shape of a camel. A little further on lies the Grotta del Cammello which, in the past few years, has once again become home to the monk seal. Continuing on, you arrive at Cala Manione which is used by fishermen as a refuge for their boats when the wind renders the anchoring at the two berths on the island less secure. At Punta dei Frati, you will be captivated by a green marble quarry which is reflected in the sea in front. At this time of year, the sea between Punta Galera and Punta Magnone becomes populated with amberjack and, hopefully, lots of tuna fish. Here the rocky wall looks a little like a nativity scene. The Presepio (meaning nativity scene) grotto, in fact, has stalactites and stalagmites that make it look like a scene from the bible. The next grotto along is the Bombarda, which gets its name from the sound produced by the waves that break against it. Within this grotto an old concretion looks a bit like a papal mitre. This fascinating coast continues on with Punta Libeccio and Cala Nera.



Beauty at its pure state


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