the wonderful seabed of the island of levanzo

A true paradise for those who love immersions

Diving, snorkelling, sea-watching: the sea of Levanzo, with all the shades from green to an intense blue, is rich in flora and fauna and still keeps the numerous archaeological findings that date back to the Punic battles and the Roman period. Amphorae, vases, anchors, lay on the seabed of this generous sea that can still tell the story of men, battles, myth and legends.

We suggest just some of the wonderful submarine itineraries that You could follow:

The “Orlo” of “Capo Grosso”
It is located 200 metres at the back of the lighthouse. Due to the fact that it is an area characterised by strong sea currents, the thermocline always remains within -25m. This allows all the fish movement to not overcome that specific bathymetric. It represents a really hard immersion but it is worth it.

The lighthouse wall
The smooth wall where the lighthouse stands is 12 metres in height. If you follow it in the direction of south-west the route will actually deviate to the north, with a deepness of 20 metres. In some of the rifts orientated to north-east, it is possible to find croakers and groupers of medium size, turning on the other side and maintaining the same bathymetric, parallel to the lighthouse wall, before the downfall, You can come back to south-east where the immersion began.

The “orlo” of Nucidda
The Nucidda cove, facing the north is an area characterised by strong sea currents. The seabed is covered in sand but rocks are still present where croakers and groupers hide themselves.

The shallow of fish cape
During the second world war, it was used as an antiaircraft. About 500 metres away from the coast, at 20 metres of bathymetric there is a ridge of rock that stands out 15 metres to the surface. The rock itself has some rifts where groupers and breams of small size live; continuing along this route it is possible to see the morays which live under the rocks on the seabed.



A unique island, a precious treasure


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the coves of levanzo

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