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A ton of promotions!

A ton of promotions!

For your journey by train (excluding Regional, Executive and Premium journeys) to the embarkation...
Ustica: the summer never ends!

Ustica: the summer never ends!

Ustica is not just for July and August. Ustica is for all year round! A sea of discounts for you...
Group offers

Group offers

Reductions on the ticket price for groups of 25 or more paying adults travelling together.

Port of reception and commercial exchanges

The Pelagie Island of Lampedusa has always been a bridge, a sort of post station for the very busy stretch of sea that separates us from the North...


The whole province celebrates

During the season where work in the countryside becomes more intense, the whole province celebrates something. We have in fact reached the final...


the name of the city inebriates us with a sweet and ancient fragrance

Even the name of the city intoxicates us with a sweet and ancient perfume, and we eagerly anticipate those sips of copper bathed in the pink sunsets...


Sport fishing, snorkeling, visit to the hypogean gardens

A holiday on an island does not have to be static. There are different excursions to choose from in Favignana, such as fishing, snorkelling, visits...


Here also history and archeology embrace each other, drawing an enchanting profile

A holiday on an island does not have to be static. There are different excursions to choose from in Favignana, such as fishing, snorkelling, visits...


the lighthouse

The lighthouse on the island of Levanzo was built in 1858. It is a 12-metre high cylindrical tower with a balcony, while at its feet stands the house...


Marsala prickly pears

The round and oily leaves of the prickly pear also populate this part of Sicily, in the middle of the Mediterranean, and between the green curves...


A trip to the centre of the earth or a walk on a lunar surface?

A trip to the centre of the earth or a walk on a lunar surface? The landscape here is not simply evocative, it is more like a journey into fantasy...



The tourist port is full of bags, sandals and the satisfied smiles of those disembarking from their hydrofoils, and of faces full of expectation of...


The Punta Troia Castle

The Punta Troia Castle and Prison Museum on Marettimo was built by the Spanish in 1600 around a ninth century Saracen tower overlooking the sea from...


The coves of Levanzo

On the south-eastern part of the island, which can be reached by land or sea, there are two extraordinary coves. Being as it is without carriageways...


It is not just about pizza, Vesuvius and the mandolin!

In Naples you can always find a way to have fun! In July, along the seafront framed by the landscape that has gone down in history for its immortal...


The original name of Marsala

The original name of Marsala, from the Arab “Marsa-Allah” meaning port of God, was Lilibeo and it was a quadrilateral surrounded by defence walls...



Good food is a tradition that in Mali Lošinj is kept alive over time thanks to the careful combination of the flavours of the land with those of the...



The Regional Aeolian Archaeological Museum, “Luigi Bernabò Brea”, on the island of Lipari is perched on a rock that looks like a natural...

SALINA - Rinella

Caper bloom festival

In the small town of Pollara, the “Festival of flowering capers” takes place in the first week of June in the small Piazza Sant'Onofrio...


Conigli Island

A few miles from the African coast, the beautiful summer has already begun! Dips in the warm and crystalline waters of the island of rabbits or those...


Church of S. Ferdinando Re

The small village square is dominated by King Ferdinando’s church. It was built in 1771 and entrusted to the Capuchin friars. For centuries the...


Piazza Roma and the local craft fair

A significant moment of cultural exchange will be held in late June in this main Sicilian port. The local craft fair, promoting not just food and...


Feast of Corpus Christi

Every year the feast of Corpus Christi is inaugurated with the traditional flower festival in Petralia Soprana. The wise and far-sighted hands of...


Nature Reserve "Platani River "

Cattolica Eraclea, a municipality just a few kilometres from Porto Empedocle, reveals its secret beauty at the Foce del Fiume Platani Site of Special...


The Kolymbetra garden

Porto Empedocle The Giardino della Kolymbethra has all the colours, tastes and smells of Sicily. Rich in relics and hypogea, dug out 2500 years ago...


The Lim bay

It was the natural border between the towns of Poreč and Rovinj, and in fact its name means just that: border, frontier, and comes from the Latin...


Caffè San Marco

La Belle Époque in Northern Europe reached as far as Trieste, with its dances and literary cafés where new ideas and ideologies were created and...


Dips, strokes and scents of capers!

Closer to the African coast than to Sicily, this island is already ready to welcome swimmers and divers, wrapped in the smell of capers! With its...


The “Colombaia”

The Castello del Mare is 32 metres high with four overlapping floors.


The Duomo in Reggio Calabria

The Duomo in Reggio Calabria stands as a powerful and fascinating mass in the homonymous square.


Hipponion Varchi

The walls of the ancient Hipponion Varchi colony have both small and large gates from which flowed the most significant axes of communication between...



In Mali Lošinj there is a wonderful perfumed garden in which to take a rest for at least an hour. A nursery of medicinal herbs, a concentration of...



One of the biggest attractions in Mali Losinj is its water park at the Čikat campsite, which stretches over 6,300 square metres, more than a third...