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Mali Lošinj is a marvellous pearl of the Adriatic, set in a wide marine valley whose natural harbour communicates with the sea through two mouths called "Vera", meaning ‘true’ and so navigable, and "Falsa", meaning ‘false’ and through which you can only gain access with small boats.
Known for its woods and houses arranged like an amphitheatre right around the port, it has many houses with gardens, separated by very narrow streets, churches and historical monuments. The steps that traverse the Mali Lošinj Kalvarija pine forest are famous, where you can observe the fourteen baroque stations of the Way of the Cross dating from the eighteenth century.
The liveliest part of the town is just a stone's throw from the sea, where there are many small shops offering nice souvenirs. There is also a fish market, as well as market stalls, bars and restaurants. Hotels and villas are located in the Čikat, Žal and Sunčana bays, where you can find the stunning and famous Mali Lošinj beaches that are very popular during the summer.


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