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Heritage of sea and wine

Legendary land in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea and venue of historic ventures, Marsala rises on Capo Boeo; facing the Egadi islands, it is reachable with almost 20 minutes of navigation, and it is just 80 miles from the Tunisian coasts. The sea represents one of the main economic and touristic resources, and the land, with its 8000 hectares of vineyards, feeds the industry of wine: more than one million of hectolitres of white and red wines as well as liquors per year, including the famous marsala.

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A ton of promotions!

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Group offers

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The city castle

In the Punic trench at the intersection of its two arms lies the castle of Norman...

the name of the city inebriates us with a sweet and ancient fragrance

Even the name of the city intoxicates us with a sweet and ancient perfume, and we...

The original name of marsala

The original name of Marsala, from the Arab “Marsa-Allah” meaning port of God...