Liberty Lines


Trieste is a cosmopolitan city, a melting pot of different ethnicities, cultures, religions and languages, where freedom of thought and a general openness set the tone. In turn this melds with a particularly beautiful natural landscape, where the predominant colours are those of the clear blue sea and the limestone rocks especially at the turning of the seasons.

The challenge for this area lies in not only the re-launch of its role as a ‘bridge city’ between the countries of central and Eastern Europe with a constant dialogue between them but also in the tight interwoven relationships which have defined Trieste as an international city, a city of science and advanced experimentation, as well as a major port for transatlantic fleets and an increasingly popular tourist destination; for business, culture and nature. Trieste is the birth place of a great number of Italian literary figures, for example Italo Svevo, Umberto Saba as well as being the inspiration behind the works of other celebrated authors like James Joyce.


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