Is it convenient or necessary to book my trip in advance?
Each vessel has a set number of seats which varies according to type and which can not be exceeded in anyway. Therefore, it is not possible to issue more tickets than the actual number of available seats and standing is not allowed. During holidays, mid or high season or always in the case of busier periods, we recommend you buy your ticket in advance so as to ensure a ticket for your preferred time.
Can I book online or through your Call Centre and then pay for the ticket through an agency or at the ticket office?
Reservations made via Agencies or Call Centre must be paid within 3 days by bank transfer or credit card, otherwise your booking will be automatically cancelled and your seat is released for sale.Reservations made on our website must be paid by credit card at the time of booking. Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with a Voucher to be presented at the ticket office on the departure date in exchange for your boarding ticket.
What is a Voucher?
A voucher is the electronic confirmation of your reservation (online, via Agency or Call Centre). The voucher, which specifies all the departure details is not valid for boarding and must be exchanged into a regular ticket at any Liberty Lines’ ticket office, but preferably at the ticket office of the port of departure. It is important to remember that a passenger with a voucher must arrive at the ticket office at least 30 minutes before departure.
What is an entrance ticket? Can I pay for one in a ticket office?
Some municipalities (Egadi Islands, Aeolian Islands and Ustica) require payment for an entrance ticket, collection of which is imposed on Liberty Lines on their behalf. This ticket, added to the sales price and any related supplements, will be calculated in the final price.
Do you only operate hydrofoils?
Liberty Lines offers a fast maritime service for passengers.
Our fleet is equipped with three types of vessels belonging to the category "High Speed Craft": hydrofoils, catamarans and monohulls. The type of vessel in service is dictated by the Carrier’s operational requirements.
Is there a saving on round tickets?
There are no discounts or incentives when purchasing round trip tickets. If yoU wish to return on the same day, however, we recommend you buy a return trip to make sure you find a seat at the desired time.
If I purchase a ticket should I choose the departure time or can I leave when I wish?
Travel documents valid for boarding are not "open" and they must always have the date and return time of departure on them. Passengers who buy tickets must respect the indicated time.
If you want to change your ticket you must do so at the ticket office before the indicated departure time and, subject to availability
of seats on board, we will exchange your ticket and collect a penalty fee (see next question).
Is it possible to change a ticket for a different time or departure date?
You may exchange the ticket for another at a different time and /or departure date as long as you contact us before the time indicated on the ticket. You may then purchase another ticket, subject to availability and application of the following penalty fees:
• In case of request for substitution up to 24 hours before the departure time shown on the ticket, passengers shall pay the Carrier an amount equal to 5% of the fare plus any new presales fees;
• If the request is received on the day of departure, but before the time shown on the ticket, the passenger shall pay an amount equal to 12% of the fare plus any new reservation fees.
If the trip is not made for adverse weather and sea conditions, what should I do?
In case of trip cancellation for reasons beyond control of the Carrier, there will be a full refund on the ticket price. Alternatively, passengers may choose to change the day and / or time of departure for the first available trip.
If weather and/ or sea conditions do not allow the vessel to depart, passengers who have bought tickets through an Agency, the
Liberty Lines website or Call Centre or those who have left their contact details will be notified by phone, email or text message.
How can I request a refund?
Passengers who purchased tickets at a ticket office can request a refund for the value of the ticket at any Liberty Lines ticket office and will be paid back immediately. Passengers who booked a trip through a Call Centre or on the official website must send the request to Passengers who booked their trip through an Agency or Tour Operator must contact their Agent or Tour Operator and ask them to send the request to .
In all cases, the request must include the reservation number, the reason for the request for refund and your full bank details in order for Liberty Lines to make the payment. Refunds will be paid within maximum 2 months.
If I cannot depart and I have already purchased a ticket, how can I cancel it?
• In case of a withdrawal request up to 24 hours before the departure time shown on the ticket, 10% will be retained and not refunded as well as any reservation fees;
• If the request is received on the day of departure, 25% will be retained and not refunded as well as any reservation fees.
Passengers are not entitled to any cancellation refunds outside of these terms.
If I arrive late at the port and the vessel has just left, what will happen?
Liberty Lines is both obliged and is keen to observe all scheduled departure times. Therefore, the Captain of the vessel cannot wait for late passengers. The holder of a ticket showing an expired departure date and time cannot be refunded in any way. The ticket is therefore considered "unusable."
Is it possible to change a ticket for a different destination or different port of embarkation (change of journey)?
You cannot change a ticket that has already been purchased for another with a different route or destination. Within 48/24 hours of the departure time shown on the ticket, passengers may cancel their trip and ask for a refund but will have to pay a penalty fee. With the purchase of a new ticket, any price difference will be collected or refunded.
Is it possible to change the name of departing passengers?
There are certain routes that require the inclusion of passenger identification information of the person making the trip. In this case, provided that the ticket has been issued as an ordinary fare, it is possible to change the name of the passenger before the time of departure without paying a penalty fee.
How early should I arrive at the port?
Passengers must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the departure time shown on the Ticket.
Is there such a thing as a 'day ticket' that allows me to visit more than one island within the time line that I want?
No, you cannot buy a single ticket for more than one link between the islands. Each ticket contains the route, the date and the exact time.
What is a connection (“Coincidenza”)? Does it mean I have to change vessel? Is the other vessel moored at the same pier as the one I am arriving in?
A connection means that passengers change vessel and they may have to move to another boarding dock (always close by).
When tou collect your ticket, we recommend you ask for the name of the vessel and any other information on possible transfer delays. In case of delays over 10 minutes the connection cannot be guaranteed.
Is it possible to stand up during the journey? Can I ask to visit the bridge?
Our vessels can reach high speeds during navigation and can perform un expected maneuvers.
For safety reasons, passengers must remain seated during their stay on board.
Moreover, when arriving near the port or during maneuvering, mooring and unmooring, passengers are not allowed to stand.
For the same safety reasons, only crew members are allowed to access to the bridge. Passengers are strongly advised to follow these safety procedures and to take utmost care of their children at all times.
Are there special fares or discounts for groups?
There are fare concessions for groups of 25 adults paying the standard ticket rate. For more information, quotes and bookings, please contact the Call Centre.
Are there special fares or discounts for senior citizens and students?
There are no fare reductions for these categories, except in the case of special agreements with certain municipalities. For more information please contact the Call Centre.
Must children under 4 years of age buy a ticket?
Children from 0 up to 4 years of age are entitled to free travel but they are still required to travel with a valid ticket. At the time of purchase, passengers are required to ask for an "infant ticket."
What services will I find on board Liberty Lines' vessels?
All our vessels have toilet facilities on board. Some vessels (LAURA, MIRELLA MORACE, SOFIA M, CARLOTTA M, DANIELA MORACE AND DIEGO MORACE) are fitted with regulation toilet facilities specifically dedicated for people in wheelchairs. These toilets are marked with the appropriate symbol. For additional services for people with reduced mobility please read the information available on the website . All our vessels have fresh drinking water on board. Some vessels are equipped with a bar service on certain routes. The Company will be activating bar service on the entire fleet during the summer season. For more information about services offered on the vessel for your selected route, please contact the Call Centre.
Are animals allowed on board?
Our vessels are only intended for the transport of passengers, there are no cages or spaces intended for transporting pets.
However it is possible to transport pets upon purchasing an "Animal" ticket under the following conditions:
Small animals must be kept in a suitable carrier, as well as birds in special cages, for the entire duration of the journey. Medium or large size animals, with the approval of the Captain, must be muzzled and leashed. The Company reserves the right to request, medical certificates stating the animal's good health and vaccination records before boarding,.
May I embark my (electronic) bike?
We are sorry but due to the limited spaces on our vessels, we cannot accept bikes or any other type of (small) transport. However, as an exception to this rule, we will accept lexi-bikes, without batteries and enclosed in their appropriate security bag.The bike will be considered as luggage.
Are passengers allowed more than one bag?
Every passenger has the right to bring one free piece of hand luggage, maximum size of 60x40x20 cm (trolly). For excess baggage you can purchase a "baggage” ticket at the applicable rate.
The Company and the Captain may at their discretion refuse to board baggage of a size or weight that may constitute an impediment to safe navigation.
Is it permitted to carry bulky items on board (eg pictures, television, etc. ..)?
Our vessels are only intended for the transport of passengers and do not have luggage holds. Therefore, the Company and the Captain may at their discretion refuse the boarding of objects of a size or weight that may constitute an impediment to safe navigation.