Arco dei Sergi and Dvonja vrata

Arco dei Sergi and Dvonja vrata

The Arco dei Sergi, which stands within a gate – later called “Porta Aurea” – that had once been part of the city walls, is a Roman triumphal arch commemorating the tribune Lucio Sergio Lepido, built by his wife in 27 B.C. The entrance is flanked by two Corinthian columns, and statues representing members of the Sergi family, which remained an important name for a long time, were built onto the trabeation. The Gemina, or Dvonja Vrata, gate is so called because it is an elegant twin-arch construction dating back to the 2nd century A.D. Staying with the Roman and medieval walls of the city, there is another entrance, the Augustan Herkulova vrata (the Ercole gate), from which you can enter the site of the Italian community of Pola. The archaeological excavations and restorations unearthed a mosaic, a stretch of Roman road and part of the cornice of the north wall of the building, all of which testify to a mingled history between the Roman and Istrian people



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