The Capo Grosso lighthouse
The Capo Grosso lighthouse

The Capo Grosso lighthouse

Its timeless charm

In early ages it was only a flame at the top of “Capo Grosso”. The construction of the lighthouse dates back to 1858. It is made of an optical rotary, with different optical panels, the rotation is made on cushions located around the fixed light source, regulated by a mechanic system which is set by an engine weight that goes down along the tower of the lighthouse itself.

Materials such as vegetal oil, mineral oil, paraffin, petrol etc. were once used to illuminate the coast. Nowadays halogen lamps with xenon discharge that generate thousands watt of power are in use. The old apparatus has been substituted with automatic ones and the professional figure of the guardian of the lighthouse has disappeared. However the lighthouse still keeps its fascination among people, always arousing mystery and often evocating a sense of freedom and loneliness but also the dream of a life in close contact with the nature.



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