Ustica the first protected area of Italy

Ustica the first protected area of Italy

Celebration of 30 years 1986-2016 April-October

Well known around the world for being the first marine protected area of Italy, Ustica celebrates its 30 years from its establishment (1986) with a lot of events, conferences and workshops that aim to illustrate the topics of preservation of the nature and the submerged heritage (archaeological too) of the sea surrounding the island. A series of events from April to October, from science to the theatre, from sport to music. It was born to preserve the sea rich in flora and fauna. Ustica is the perfect place for those who loves immersions; it is possible to admire corals, sea roses and a coloured vegetation similar to the tropical one including the oceanic posidonia (defined as the Mediterranean lung for its property to transform the water in oxygen). Furthermore, it is also possible to find lobsters, groupers, kingfishes, snappers, etc.

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