Passito and Malvasia

Passito and Malvasia

In this island the production of Malvasia D.o.c. rules, thanks to the climate and the exposure to the sun. This grapevine in Sicily was introduced by Greeks in 558 a.C. and from this it was born the best Passito ever, a fine wine made following the traditional system the winery. Bunches are left upon the grapevine until the end of September and it means more over the grape harvest time. Once recue they are left other 15 days under the sun, placed on particular wattle carpets. The pressing is made much more accurately and softly instead of that one used for other kind of grapevine and the grape must stay in barrique at least 8 mouths. The Malvasia of Salina has a particularly intense and sweet aroma, and it must be tasted around a temperature of  8-12 degrees centigrade, best at the end of the meal accompanied by an almond biscuit.



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