Mozia and the young boy with the tunic

Mozia and the young boy with the tunic

Archaeological Tour

Mozia was the Phoenician city located on what today is known as the island of S. Pantaleo, easily reachable from Marsala (6 km circa from the city centre You will find the harbour from which there are departures every 10 mins.). It was founded by the Phoenician in the IVI century b.C., then destroyed in 397 b.C. There are numerous archaeological findings, mostly located at Baglio Anselmi, where You can find the archaeological museum. You will find the urban remains of the old city, but the main attraction of the island is the marble statue of a young boy, commonly known as the Statue of the Young Boy of Mozia (Statua del Giovinetto di Mozia). The statue is considered so important because it is a Greek finding discovered in a Punic province; this can be explained probably by the fact that the statue was taken to the island after that the Carthaginians sacked Selinunte in 409 b.C.

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