The wine and the city

The wine and the city

Visit to the historical wine factories

Marsala is renowned for the production of the homonym wine that English people recognised it as best than the Porto and the Madeira and started to sell it successfully worldwide. In 1833 the entrepreneur Vincenzo Florio bought a land and built a factory for the production of Marsala wine. Nowadays, the Cantine Florio can be visited; while going along the rooms it seems like being in the 1800 as nothing has changed: the oak barrels, the storage areas, the museum with all the ancient and the delicious tastings that will give You unforgettable emotions. The wine factory Cantine Pellegrino, founded in 1880, represents instead a mix between ancient and contemporaneous: there is the ancient factory together with the towers which have transformed into an open space with a breath-taking view on the “Stagnone".

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